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Energy and weight loss after LVAD surgery

Hello All, My father just had the LVAD surgery on October 12, 2017. I was wondering if anyone experienced weight loss or loss of energy after the surgery. If so, how long did it take for your weight loss to level out.
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Hello, it's been 3 mos. since my Lvad surgery, and I have a huge appetite, but can't seem to put on weight that I lost. I believe this is due partly to muscle mass loss. They will tell you that protein intake/supplementation is also very important. I believe physical therapy/exercise with light weights and straps is a way to slowly build back muscle mass lost. I have slowly gotten back energy along with this. Good luck !

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Larry B.

I lost 30 pounds after surgery. It’s been two years and have gained 20 of it back and have to watch everything I put in my mouth now! Energy will return in most cases but I found the more I challenged myself the faster it came.