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Lvad clothes

Are there any places for Lvad clothing, shirts/vests that are resonably priced. I feel $100 alot for a tshirt!!! Not everyone has that kind of money. Does anyone have an alternative?
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Jeff W.

I have spent quite a bit of time researching the options. here are a few-- the one I use the most is some ammo pouches that a boot maker enlarge to fit one battery. I also had a two inch wide belt made. So I wear the controller in the original vest holder and two ammo pouches for the two batteries. These are on the belt that I wear not looped thru pants loops. This allows me to move the equipment around depending on what I am doing. Sitting I want the batteries to my sides. Laying down I want the batteries to the back away from my down side. playing golf I want the batteries to the back so they are out of the way for my swing. This is a very adaptable system. The next system I use is a backpack that is only 3/4" thick. You can purchase from Betabrands it is called the "under the jack pack". It is designed to hold a 15" or 17" laptop. It is for carrying your laptop under your normal jacket. I removed one thread creating a pen holder section so that the batteries would fit in that section and was large enough for the second battery. The controller just lays in the bottom. Extra benefit is the heat from the controller feels like a back warmer. The next setup is the two holster tshirt you can buy from a police supply place or Undertech/Underarmour. I had to modify the shirt slightly so that the batteries would fit. Cut one thread on each pocket. This shirt is designed to carry two concealed guns at your arm pits. Of course you have the standard fanny pack or vest that the LVAD people offer you.
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Donald H.

We found vests at Bass Pro Shops (online) and at the store itself, in the fly fishing department. They are perfect for batteries and a controller. They were about $55 each and well worth it. I simply wash them when they get dirty.
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Larry B.

I’ve also done a lot of research on this over the last 15 months. What I have found that works best for me are cargo shorts/pants. A battery in each pocket and the controller in the right cargo pocket. I cinch the cords together with a Velcro tie and secure it to one of my belt loops. This also takes the weight off my back and shoulders and places it at the waist/thigh level. I also have a few vest that I have bought off of amazon for $25-35 dollars. I searched for multi pocket travel vest and came up with many that work very well. Just be careful because not all have inside pockets. Most do though. Mine all have a big pocket on each side of the inside and two smaller ones up higher inside which fits the controller. Another option I use when playing golf is the Under Armour six pad football girdle ($20). I make sure I wear them inside out in order to get the batteries and controller in and out easily. I put a battery in each thigh pad pocket and my controller in a hip pad pocket. Pull a pair of shorts over them and you would be hard pressed to tell I have extra equipment I am hauling around. I know of several women that use this method so that they can wear a dress or skirt. I also have some of the 5.11 sleeveless concealed carry shirts that work very well ($59). Works best if you put them in the slots upside down. Takes away from having to worry about them coming out if you bend over. I really don’t wear them in the summer because they are so warm but they work great in the winter under a sweatshirt. Hope this helps some.
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nancy k.

There is a lady in Michigan that makes good quality vests. They are 130$ but you can wear it with anything. She custom makes them to your measurements. My husband wears his daily and I got him another one for Christmas. It is bosco vests and they have a website to order from. You wear what ever shirt you want and then the vest over it. The pocket for the battery is on the outside but the controller and cords are all on the inside
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TRy Tactical Gear. I bought my husband several undershirts at $69 (sale price) which police wear to store pistols. Works great for the batteries. I sewed a pocket for the controller on one and he is trying that out. Otherwise, he uses the belt pack for the controller. Hope this helps.
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Beth D.

My brother received his LVAD on 02/02/2015. We went through the same search. The vest he received in hospital was uncomfortable for him. At one of his therapy sessions we found the answer. I replicated and idea a fellow patient's wife devised for him. We use mans tank tops which I modify. Turn shirt hem up 7 inches, right sides together sew pockets for batteries, one on each side under arm, and pocket for controller. Tank tops can be purchased for about $5. We live in Florida and these are cool and comfortable. He wears a shirt over his tank top when he goes away from home, or sometimes just his tank top with no over shirt. I would be happy to help anyone with instructions on to make one. I made my brother 30 of them when he first had his LVAD so they can be changed daily. I do not use the old fashioned tank top ribbed style t-shirts because they are not sturdy enough for my brother. Please let me know at if I can help anyone with instructions on how to sew shirt.
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Faith C.

My husband is a big guy. 6'7 and about 270lbs. Had a couple vests made for him. Right afterwards we were lucky enough he got a new heart. We are very grateful for this gift. Would happyly donate to someone in need. This was fit to him but if it may work for someone out there, please let me know.
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Stan C.

Finding what works for you is very difficult. I use the over the shoulder "purse" that came with my LVAD, a fanny pack for around my waist, and the following from eBay depending on what I'm doing that day or want/need to wear. This shirt works great under my tuxedo and over-sized shirts. The shirt in the link below is not always of the highest quality. Pockets are sometimes different sizes, slightly different location, sleeves are not hemmed, etc. I bought 4 of them and even with these differences the shirts work very well and have not had to "fix" anything. They have been laundered about 4 times at the time of this writing. I normally wear an XL shirt so got these as a L so they would be snug. Are a little warm during the summer due to the material but work great for all other seasons. Shirts sell for $25.00 each and includes free shipping. User name is zsijing.402 in case you have to find her this way. BTW, I am not related to her only letting you know about the shirt due to price point.
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Garicke R.

I've had my LVAD for 4 years. I'm a teacher and a coach. I use the 5.11 tactical concealed weapon shirt. I have used them for years and love them. Most people have no idea that I have an LVAD. I just place the controller in my front pocket. I didn't care for the belt fanny pack look. I have the heart mate 2. The shirts are a dry fit and can do short or no sleeves.
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Christie W.

Has anyone used this shirt? If so I'm interested in how it worked and sizing.