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Margaret B. Caregiver

Husband just had lvad fitted

Hi everyone who replied to my post. I would just like to say a big Thank you it has helped to know there are others out there that has similar problems. I would like to wish everyone a happy Christmas and all best wishes for the new year.
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Addie M.

My son (wounded warrior), will be leaving Sunday for Seattle to have his LVAD installed. Wing mom, I'l be his caregiver through this. He is 28 ! This shouldn't be happening. I'm filled with all kinds of emotions. It is not about me. Its' about Sean. So he can be there for his little boy Logan (8yrs.). God. give me the strength to help Sean regain his strength, to come home to Alaska to see his boy again .
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Nichole L.

My loved one had an LVAD implanted at 26yoa last November. Recovery tends to be faster for those who are younger and our terrible days are now few and far between. For months it seemed as though we were being buried with the sadness, stress, and the overwhelmingness of it all but without even fully realizing it slowly everything started to become "normal" again. Everyone's experience is different and the surgery and recovery will not come without risks, pain, and bumps in the road. We were at the hospital for about 10 days after surgery. We went back for 3 more days with a pleural effusion that had to be drained. Getting into bed at home was one of the hardest parts. This subsided after about 6 weeks. We were back to doing all of our day to day activities by about 3 months. We garden and take long walks every day and bike on the weekends. He also went back to work full time at 3 months. I still worry but not nearly as bad as before. I am truly sorry for all that you are going through. Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions about our experience. Sending my thoughts to you, Sean and Logan.