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LVAD clothing

My brother received his LVAD on 02/02/2015. We went through the same search. The vest he received in hospital was uncomfortable for him. At one of his therapy sessions we found the answer. I replicated an idea a fellow patient's wife devised for him. We use mans tank tops which I modify. Turn shirt hem up 7 inches, right sides together sew pockets for batteries, one on each side under arm, and pocket for controller. Tank tops can be purchased for about $5. We live in Florida and these are cool and comfortable. He wears a shirt over his tank top when he goes away from home, or sometimes just his tank top with no over shirt. I would be happy to help anyone with instructions on to make one. I made my brother 30 of them when he first had his LVAD so they can be changed daily. I do not use the old fashioned tank top ribbed style t-shirts because they are not sturdy enough for my brother. Please let me know at if I can help anyone with instructions on how to sew shirt.
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Donna S.

I can sew a little and would love to get instructions on how to do this.  Sounds like it is something I can do but just not clever enough to figure it out,  Thank you,.

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Beth D.

Hi, send me an email at my email address which is and I will send you the instructions.

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Mark H.

My brother has four of these vests and loves them:

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Pat A.

  1. My husband had an  Lvad for 4 1/2 yrs. . He has since had a heart transplant. I used to go to sears , JCPenny etc.  after the season Feb. and buy winter vests at mark down price some $60. Down to $12.00 , some had huge inside pockets for the batteries . Same for mark downs after the summer time. I bought vests for as little as $ 12.0 after winter / summer mark downs. Meantime I have bought vests at Bass pro  . I think their brand is called Red something . Look for inside vest pockets in all of the vests . He first wore a fishing vest from there . Reg. Price , around 30. O0. At the beginning I had a seamstress put pockets in a reg. Priced vests, didn’t know anything at the time had to wing everything as we went.  a seamstress sew in inside pockets to a regular one, but it was more money .( If you know a sewer it’s cheap. I even picked up a large pair of khaki men’s pants on $$$ day at Good will, washed them and cut them up to match vest colors to make a pockets. If you have anymore guestions you can email me . God bless everyone .  It’s a journey  God was with us . ❤️
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Bruce K.

I have Heartware. I use a two-gun, belly band holster. I wear it backwards around my chest. One battery in each pocket. The computer is velroed. I don't even know I'm wearing it except when the batteries beep to be changed. They're widely available on the web starting at about $7.00. I also get a great night's sleep.


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Hi, I have found two shirts that are are around $60-$70. and Etsy .com. Both well thought out and different styles.

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Kevin W.

Hello. My husband received his Heartware on September 24. Could you explain where you put the controller when using the gun holster for the batteries?

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Elaine L.

My son will be getting an LVAD and I'm trying to find a way to get the shirts he needs without going broke. Your idea sounds like it will work any other instructions or ideas.