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Exercising with an LVAD

I've been trying to get some information about trying to do yoga with the lvad and how to get started. Has anyone tried or is anyone doing it? . At being 63yrs.old, I need some form of exercise; I would appreciate it. Thank you and Peace be with you.
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Garicke R.

Exercise is an important part of having an LVAD. I don't know much about doing yoga but I am very active. I have had mine for 4 1/2 years now. I play volleyball, bike ride, walk, and do exercise classes (similar to Zumba). You just have to know your limits. Don't try to do to much in the beginning. Hope that helps.
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Henry R.

I have done yoga classes and it was very good. You just have to adjust your ability and equipment to the poses, which is what everyone does in yoga. Pick a class that offers a slower pace, which I think is better anyway. You might also consider Tai Chi, which is usually practiced standing up. Also, my wife made me an LVAD vest that protects my gear and wires and allows me to do almost anything. If you email me at I will send you the free instructions and you can make the vest for about $20. I also walk for exercise, and use the exercise bike etc. And I golf. Enjoy!