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Peter S. Recipient

Lvad and radio interference

I have a strange question. Before getting my lvad, one thing I used to enjoy was listening to shortwave radio while falling asleep. I used to prop the radio on my chest while tuning though the frequencies. Now that I have an lvad, I’m finding it impossible to listen anymore. I get an overpowering whine that I believe is related to the motor inside me. I can alter the strength of the interference by moving the receiver, but then I can’t reach the dials. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this phenomenon?
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Henry R.

Hi Pete, I don't have a shortwave anymore, but just wrote to say that your story made me smile. I suppose you could say that we classify as a corded electrical applicance, which will often interfere with radio reception. You might consider trying a cut rock crystal, they are supposed to safely neutralize electro magnetic fields, but I have not tried that with your situation. Take care...
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Kevin H.

I am a Licenced Amateur Radio and a LVAD patient. You must Remember that a radio receiver is just that. Your radio is picking up the rf signal put out by the motor running in your chest. The farther the radio receiver is away from your chest the less the interference. Maybe try some headphones or earbuds and put the radio on a table next to your bed.