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Donated Wetsuit Helps Heart Patient Return to Water


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Vikas M.

This is wonderful news - I sure hope ScubaPro, the medical community and the LVAD manufacturers can get together and find a way to advance this solution and make this available to other LVAD patients. It would certainly address a major disadvantage of the LVAD and allow even more quality of life for LVAD recipients.
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Larry B.

i would still want them to figure out how to waterproof our controllers before even thinking about getting into any wetsuit!.
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gail p.

Yes waterproofing would be so cool. My daughter is so depressed and will not do her exercises to build her strength. Swimming would be so good for her. Gail
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gail p.

A wet suit would be great. My daughter loved to swim before she had to have her Lvad. I would love for her to have one. We were at the pool today with her two children and she just has to sit and watch while they swim. I feel bad for her and I sit out with her and watch. Gail