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can hear pump through guitar amp

I am 49 and got my lvad in September 2017, I have been playing guitar since I was 10 . Now the problem is my electric guitar picks up the pump and transmits it through the amp to the point of not being able to play. I don't think there is going to be any solution to this but I thought I would throw it out there and see if anyone else has had this problem and or possibly had a fix for it.
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Barbara G.

My husband had an lvad for almost three years before being transplanted in 2016. He also plays guitar and had the same problem with the humming of the pump coming through the amp. While he didn't ever get rid of the problem completely, he was able to mute it slightly by insulating the cavity where the pickups are with copper shielding. He also would hold the guitar away from his body and place a pillow in between the guitar and himself. It was frustrating, but small price to pay for the quality of life he gained from the lvad. And there's always acoustic! Wishing you all the best. (One of my husband's docs had mentioned that he saw a guitarist somewhere who seemed to have solved the problem, but we were never able to track him down. Maybe someone out there knows who that might be!)
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robert W.

Thank you for the reply. I have shielded all the cavitys and it seems like it might have helped a little. And you are right about the small price to pay. I hope your husband is doing well with his new heart. I hoping I will be blessed with one myself.
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Kevin H.

What your previous poster mentioned. I am a amateur radio operator and understand your problem. The gituar pickup is a magnetic pickup that hears your pumps magnets as they sin around at 9-10000 rpm. If you can pull the pickups an line the hollowed out area with a steel can and ground it to the ground lug on the cord. We also use toroid coil aroing the gituar cord. Such as these. You may try one or two wraps through the center of the iron core an see how that works. Kevin
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robert W.

Thanks for the reply Kevin. This is something i have not heard about. I am not sure I understand how and where to place them on the cable. I am definitely willing to try it. I apologize for being so unknowledgable, If you could explain it to me exactly what to do I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks, Robert
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Paul B.

My guitars with Hum Bucker pick ups were not so bad. I replaced my telecaster with something called bladed pick ups that look like single coils that are voiced as single coil. My Stratocaster I replaced with single coil noise reduction lace pick ups .find a good guitar technician and explain the problem. Both of these solutions work fine for me. Hope this helps. Good luck 

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Rob S.

I have a Strat and ran into the same issue. Only got my LVAD 3 months ago and when I was able to play again thought it was crazy that I heard the device through my amp. After reading others comments I went about my solution in a slightly different way. Instead of making modifications to my guitar, I thought how could I filter the sound before it gets to the amp. I bought a few different guitar pedals to see what would happen. As it turns out I am able to clear out the LVAD sound on 2 of the 5 pickup positions on the Strat. Not sure why its not on all positions but I'll keep working on it. What I used is a Donner reverb pedal. Even with it not turned on it filters some of the LVAD out the amp. Im also trying to filter the out put sound through my computer.