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Benny R. Recipient

Have my VAD for 7 weeks

Have my VAD for 7 weeks now, and all is well. Still very tired after a flight of steps. Have the model HM 3. It's weird having to carry a bag 24/7. Anyway, just saying hello. Benny.
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Gregory D.

Welcome Benny. Notbad, jusst keep on walk'n and walk'n and Walk'n. It took me a couple of months but I was able to get up to 2 miles a day not feel winded. Your HM III is cool. I'm stuck with the last of HM IIs. A lot heavier and sometimes, just sometimes a bit irritating. But glad to have you with us. enjoy the extra time. :)
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Robert F.

There are a number of clothing options that obviate the need to carry around the HeartMate bag. They can be found on this MyLAD site. For the past six years (I’ve had my LVAD for over seven years) I’ve been buying ingeniously designed vests from Custom Creations by Maria (email:; telephone (770) 978-4074).
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Carol D.

Benny, May I suggest you get yourself at least 2 LVAD Shirts. Trust me...You will never want to use that bag again. My Brother had 7 of them, which we donated because he now has a new Heartware VAD since April 20th. Find the Heartmate 2/3 Shirt at Good Luck
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William W.

Benny I have found that cargo pants work well for all occasions. There are other apparel out there but the cargo pants works well for me. I have carbineers on the controller after I put small key rings through the slots and use 1/2 to hang on a belt loop or a belt. I also use the single sling for when I am on 110 volt at the house. take care Bill