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My oh My 5 years and still kick'n it :)

Hello to all of my LVAD brothers and sisters out there. Come the middle of this month I will have had my LVAD HM II for 5 years. Not a bad stinit considering 5 years ago I should have died. But my primary LVAD and Cardiac Hospital pulled me through with 3 months in the hospital, massive infections and hanging on by a spiders thread. So I suppose that this is a type of mile stone of sorts. SInce I have had my LVAD, I watched my sons graduate from High School and my daughter start. I worked in China and the EU for 3 years, by myself. Never had an infection until last year and it was a dosy. Pseudonymous A, that -NO- antibiotic could cure. However I found a facility with a grat ID doctor and she and I worked to use an Old School remedy, Bacteriophage. Did it work ahhh yup. All gone? Well.. to a point possibly yes, slight chance that it still hiding out on the non-coprial parts inside of me. Don't know, don't care. For over a year and a half I was in and out of two different hospitals dying with both sepsis or bacteremia. Touch and go each time. But now I am still here, walking, kick'n butt and take'n names. Should I get a transplant? Yes. However two of the three hospitals I have been evaluated at; said "Infection...No cookie for you". The third...well yes they will do it but I need to wait and wait and wait. However it is better than a no. I suppose. It would be great to be able to catch back up on my three S's, (Swimming, Sailing, Surfing), but if not then its not that big of a deal as long as I can keep the infections at bay. The thought of living another 5 years with my LVAD, most times is not too bad others, ehhh. No different than wearing pants. A necessary evil I suppose. So do I bemoan, the time I was given? Not just no, but HELL NO. I am grateful for it and anything extra is just cake and Ice cream. Chocolate of course. I don't know what each tomorrow will bring. Not supposed to. But as long as I wake up, hit the bathroom, get my coffee and watch the sun come up. I will know it was well worth it. It is what it is, and it will be what it will be. So if I can so all of this then all of you can too. Get out there, walk, talk, live and enjoy EVERYTHING !!!
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ron l.

Wonderful I'd say. I followed a gentleman in MN who received a HM ll @ age 71 and had it for 12 yrs. A young lady in her late 30s I want to say, is getting close to 9 yrs. She's decided against a transplant because of her QOL. She's waiting because advances are coming so fast. I don't have one yet but at some point I hope to be able to make the decision. Hopefully after many more advancements. Keep it up!