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Gene C. Caregiver

Breast cancer with an LVAD

My wife has had an LVAD for three years. She was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She had surgery to remove the cancer and is now facing chemotherpy. We are wondering if any other women with an LVAD have faced this challenge.
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Kyla M.

Hi Gene,

I just came across your post - my Mom has had an LVAD now for 4 years, and was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer as well. She just had the surgery, and is now facing Chemo (starting next week). I was wondering how your wife is doing with the treatments?  I hope all is ok. 

If you have any advice on how I might be able to help her cope with the treatments and what we might expect, I'd greatly appreciate it. There is very little information regarding LVAD patients and chemo. 

All the best,