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Dawn C. VAD Coordinator

How do you wear your external equipment?

Upload a picture and show us how you wear your equipment!

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Mariza M.

What do you call external equipment? Batteries are placed in pockets of the LVADshirt or in a kind of vest with internal pockets. The condutor is in the belt. For the extra batteries and condutor I have a backpack or, for more social places a Longchamps bag.

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Chris H.

Inside of Contact messenger bagIt has multiple zippered pockets inside. I don’t use the zipper. The batteries, controller and wires fit nicely in the compartments and the flap snaps over everything. You only see a little bit of the drive line. Feels and looks much more “normal”.

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Mariza M.

It’s very nice but, in countries like Brazil, it can be dangerous as it’s very attractive  to be stollen. It’s why I prefer to use the controler in the belt and  the batteries in the internal pockets of the vest or use the LVADSHIRT.

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june B.

I wear my Lvad equipment in an Lvad shirt from Then I wear my tops over it. It is hardly noticeable under my clothes. I would like to send a picture but I am technology challenged and don't know how to do it. My extra batteries and stuff I carry in a backpack like purse I received for Christmas. It was purchased at Marshall's I believe. It carries all of my extra equipment plus my wallet. I love it!

June B.

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Gene C.

I use the fanny pack. It's very easy to move it around when I sit or drive. I don't really like the weight on my 84 y/o chest.

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Chris H.


Here is the link...

Contacts Genuine Leather Men...

Also, I love this vest...

two large inside pockets (upper & lower) on left and right sides.

Flygo Men's Summer Casual Outdoor...


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Chris H.

I alternate between the contacts bag and the vest for day wear.  At night, I use the provided controller holder when I “plug in”. However,  I use it on my own old leather belt. I find I’d much easier to adjust than the belt that was provided with it. 

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Garicke R.

I wear a 5.11 tactical shirt. It is a concealed weapon shirt to hold your gun. Perfect size for batteries. I have a heart mate 2 have had for 5 years. Best shirt I ever bought. May have issues with the 3. Don't know how long the drive line is. Mine fits in my pants pocket. Most people have no clue what I have on. You can also add a extra snap or two to help secure the batteries in the holder.
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Ray H.

I bought my 5.11 tactical shirt early on and liked the feel of it. I also bought an LVAD shirt. which is the same shirt, but with Velcro loops on the chest for the wires and a pocket low on the side of my cable entry. They had added those two things to the tactical shirt and then more than doubled the price. I had also tried a spandex kind of belly wrap for sleeping at night, but found that it didn't work well and tended to roll. My wife cut material from that night band and sewed a controller pocket on my concealed carry shirt and voila, I have an LVAD shirt! I also found a nice fishing/photographer's vest on Amazon that had inside pockets and even a big zippered pouch in the back (that I have never used. I found that if I put one battery in the right inside pocket and the controller in the left inside pocket, I could put the other battery in the left outside pocket and have just its wire showing where it loops under the vest. It has a really good feel to it and all I have to do is answer a lot of questions (especially in the winter) about how much I must like fishing to be wearing the vest all the time!
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Chris H.

I use a small carry on rolling case to carry my extra equipment. My “GO” bag. I keep my extra batteries and controller along with my Levonox, emergency numbers/contacts, current med list, a plastic poncho, etc. There is room for my iPad, and other medical equipment when necessary (ie Doppler etc.). I have also attached a Njoiii njoiii proximity alarm to the bag. In the event I forget to take it along, it alerts my cell phone with an alarm. It also functions as s tracker should I leave it in a store or restaurant by accident. 

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Gabriëlle T.

How about the heartware ?

has anybody a heartware system??

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Jim2hock H.

I don’t know how to upload a photo of my husband wearing his LVAD T-shirt but we got it on Etsy and holds his 2batteries and controller on him!

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Chris H.


I’m wearing my new VAD Wear™️ Vest!

Me in my VAD Wear Vest!

Holds my HeartMate™️ 3 batteries and controller.


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Matthew A.

I must be boring, I just wear the vest and belt system they came with the Heart Mate 2. Sometimes I use the side bag that came from the company as well. It's black and red.