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My father just got the heartmate 3 and was recently sent home. He is having some back pains from mostly laying in a hospital bed for the past 3 weeks so I wanted to take him to get a massage but we are afraid that they might mess with the driveline. So ultimately, my question is has anyone gotten a massage and been okay or does anyone know if it is safe to get massage?
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Bruce G.

I am 3 months post HeartMate 3 implant and have the same complaints of back and left chest wall pain. I talked with my LVAD Coordinator and she said it was okay to get a massage. She recommended that I put a pillow where the drive line comes out and lay on that while getting a massage. Worked fine. No problems.
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Amy K.

My husband had a masseuse come to the house where he could be in the comfort of his own room and stay connected to the power cord. We explained his situation and she was very good about it. Just didn’t go anywhere near the front of him. Go and enjoy you deserve it!

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Juanita P.

Absolutely get a massage, but with someone who is experienced, of course.  I inform my therapist, who is used to me now what is on and off "limits" and why.  It is a natural instinct for me now to protect that line, life line, etc.  He will feel so much better having that done.  At first will be a bit intimidating, but the adjustment will come.  

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Katie P.

My husband and I went for massages recently for my birthday. He loved it! As long as you go to someplace reputable they will be able to accomodate him. His masseuse was very kind and willing to learn (she didn't know what it was) and just made sure he was comfortable, they have all manners of ways to adjust the table.

Once he's cleared from the chest being opened (usually 8 weeks) my hubs also has found chiropratic care very helpful. The device and getting the surgery takes a toll on the spine and can create continued discomfort. He's been getting adjusted all along with a great doctor who was very happy to work with us and it has helped a ton.