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Janette A. Caregiver

International power adaptor

Has anyone done international travel with their LVAD?

 We are planning a trip to England and have purchased a travel adaptor for the power supply.  We are wondering if anyone has had any experience with this.

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Reiss T.

Yes. Spent 2 weeks in Italy 3 years ago. Lot's of walking and even some hiking. No problems at all, the adapter cables/plugs worked fine.  I am coming up on my 8 year re-birthday with my Heartmate II this month and am 78 years old. Every day is a gift. 

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Mike A.

Did you use an adapter for both the recharger and accompanying unit. I was advised that there could be problems in doing this.


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Reiss T.

The "adapters" were actually the two power cords for the battery charger and for the power module. The plug ends of the cords are made to fit the type of 220 v outlets used in Europe. The Heartmate II works on either 110 or 220 and just requires a different cord. Other makes or models may or may not have this capability. Your VAD team coordinators should be well versed in all the relevant information. Enjoy your travel. 

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Orline R.

I have not done any overseas travelling as yet.I have just passed my 1 year anniversary of wearing an LVAD.. I am used to wearing it but not yet comfortable in travelling overseas but seeing that you have done so gives me hope. I am 57 years old and I know I do not want to wear the LVAD for years. I am bridge to transplant, hopefully soon...Has it been your decision to wear your LVAD for 8 years or hs it become mandatory?

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Reiss T.

I have not been eligible for transplant since my implant 8 years ago at age 70. I have been a patient at UFHealth (University of Florida) in Gainesville from the beginning. Each center will tend to have its own protocols and criteria for eligibility. At another center I might have been on the transplant list, but I have no complaints. Their decision was justified and the LVAD has worked out fine for me so far. It is a bit inconvenient at times, especially when traveling by air, and I do miss swimming with the grandkids but at least I'm still here. Every day is a gift.

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wayne r.

As stated above, I am now on my 4th year with an LVAD and have travelled not only to other parts of Europe but also aboard a boat without mains but an inverter running from the boats battery, and found the unit stable enough to not only charge the batteries but also to run the LVAD whilst plugged in.

Enjoy your trip.

Please also remember you have 2 LVAD centres both near London (Harefield and Papworth) plus others dotted round the UK