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Cheryl G. Caregiver


My 21year old son got his LVAD on August 28, 2018. Hopefully will be released from the hospital tomorrow. I am a little apprehensive about what to expect. Are there any other parents of young adults here that can guide me through these first few months. 

Thank you.

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Dorothy T.

Hi Cheryl! I’m just getting to this message and by now you have probably settled into a good routine. But what is not routine is how a mother has to suffer the agony of caring for a seriously ill adult child. I know your pain. Be strong. Like me you probably wished you could bear it for your son. It is torture to watch but there is a great Almighty God. My daughter’s disaster brought me to dust, worse than the pain or sacrifice of childbirth. I have much to say about it, too much to say about it. You are in a lonely place but you are not alone. I waited two and a half years to see a question like yours. If you would like to talk more with me please use this site and I will be watching for your response. Pray and pray hard and always. God wants to hear you. It is better than medicine. The LVAD needs your prayers for your son. I learned that God is very close to a praying Mother. All the very best. 







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Cheryl G.

we have settled into a routine of sorts. It’s been hard with all the appointments and med changes and just trying to adjust to this whole thing. So far things are ok. I pray more than I’ve ever prayed before and I know without God my son would not be alive right now. Any advice you have would be welcome or if you just need someone to talk to. This has been devastating to our family. 

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Matthew A.

I'm just going to flat out and say this, get a counselor, therapist, psychologist. Being young and this is a life changer. Someone to talk to will be very useful in these times.