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Battery charger failure


Has anyone already had problems with the Battery charger? I had to unplug it from the outlet for a few hours and, when I plugged it back, it did not turn on. There was no electricity problem that could explain that. I do not know what is the half-life of this type of machine, but mine has only 3 years and it follows the requested maintenance procedures.  I've already contacted my LVAD team for a checkage tomorrow but I'd like to know if someone already experienced that situation.
All the best 

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wayne r.

Hi Mariza

I also had the same problem exactly as you described on the start of a 2 week holiday. Luckily the VAD team sent out a replacement.Which I received some 5 hours later.

I was an electronic engineer myself which meant when I did return home I had a look into the fault, and found a internal fuse within the power supply had failed ( I don't recommend anyone doing this themselves without comprehensive electronics knowledge).

I did some tests as to why this had failed and the unit is still on test and working fine being regularly plugged in and unplugged since 7/18 with the same rated fuse. So can only suggest I, as you, was unlucky to cause a power surge on initial power up.

Hope this helps

All the best


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Mariza M.

Hi Wayne, thank for your reply, clarifying what possibly have happened with my battery charger. In Brazil, we are very few with LVAD, and the technical assistance is quite incipient, but I´ll send your message to my LVAD team to inform about that.

Many thanks


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alexis s.

Hello! I am concerned with what happened with your battery on your LVAD. I am in highschool and my senior project is about the battery life on the LVAD and I have been struggling to find websites to tell me more about the battery, my project I am working on is trying to re-innovate how the batter is made so this wont happen. I would love if you can email me or tell me more about the battery, thank you.

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Gene C.

Heart mate II charger ,,, one cell failed. My team said to bring it in and they'ed replace it. I did and they did. Sounds OK, huh. BUT HERE"S THE REST OF THE STORY. I had the charger Less then a year. It had a one year warranty,  but it started when the unit was delivered to the hospital, Not to me !! As a result, Medicare and my Blue Cross paid a replacement bill of $35,000 !! Abbott is the parts company, now, and I hope they've changer the warranty  so it begins when the LVAD patient receives the charger.