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Rebecca R. Family Member

Equipment for donation

my dad had a lvad (Heart Mate 2). He passed away October 8th 2018. We have all of his batteries and Wall module as well as accessories like a brand new shower bag, battery clips, etc. If someone will pay shipping I will donate these items to you. The hospital nor thoratec will take these back and said to recycle them but I just can’t throw them away and I know someone somewhere can use these items. Please email me at

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Stephen H.

I recently obtained a battery charger and mpu for heartmate II. I found that my Hospital nor supplier would provide any service to the equipment. The mpu battery needed to be replaced. I talk to my lvad coordinator with no luck. I talk to my supplier for my dressings Etc with no luck. I was given the phone number for Abbott but was told they don't like to sell directly to Consumers. So when all else fails go to Amazon! I took the battery out of the MP you a simple procedure. Two screws on the cover 4 screws holding the battery in and checked the model number of the battery. I Googled it and found 6 or 7 responses most of which were through Amazon. I think my model number was EPP c100. Anyway I ordered the battery about $27 plus shipping and installed it when it got here and the npu is working perfectly. I like the second set up because I have a late Cottage where I like to fish and putter around. One of the nice things about my Lake Cottage is that it's on two levels and so I'm going up and down stairs.... More exercise..... I also have a home generator for the cottage so I'm not worried about electricity going out. Steve

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Cynthia L.

So sorry for your loss. Prayers to you and your family Rebbeca.