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Aiste S. Recipient

System Controller Jumping Speed

hey guys! 

I am 32 years old Female, received my Heartmate 3 2 months ago. Back home for a week now.

One question: I recognized that my speed range on the system controller is jumping. Speed range jumps every second from 5200 to 5250 and back to 5200 and sometimes to 5300.

 I spoke to my surgeon and he confirmed that nothing is wrong, I was asked to drink more water.

Is that normal? Forgive me if it is basic question but I couldnt find any information about it.

bless and strong health to everyone! 🙏🏽

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Mitchell W.

Aiste, It is usual for your speed to bounce around. I actually have a HM 2 (i'm old school) so my speed is higher than your 3 unit, I spin at 9800 and it's usual for mine to fluctuate between 9800, 9790, 9770.... Since the heart is still beating, the rhythm and pumping action can cause some of that. The question would be, what is your actual programmed therapy speed. If it's 5300 then increasing the water intake makes sense cause you are probably low on volume and it's causing the pump to "spin down" to keep from collapsing the ventricle. Every once in a while if I have missed my fluid mark, mine will kick down to 9600.


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Larry B.

ive had my HM3 for a little over 2yrs now and it can fluctuate anywhere from 5400-5700. I was at 5400 when I first had my operation and have been gradually upped to 5700 for over a year now. Doc explained to me the HM3, even though currently set at 5700, can fluctuate from whatever the low was originally to whatever the currently is set at and still be considered normal. Best advice they ever gave me was to quit looking at the numbers. I look at mine about once a week is all.