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Guy L. Family Member

Hybrid Car

Does anyone with an LVAD have any experience with a plug-in hybrid vehicle? Any issue with electromagnetic waves?

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Frank I.

When my transplant center closed on the west coast this past Summer, I, as a bridge to transplant candidate had to find a new place to continue on this lvad/transplant journey.  I have family in Denver so this seemed the most suitable place to continue. I ended up traveling half way across the country in a hybrid vehicle to what will be my new home for awhile.

I can report, other than being fixated on operating the vehicle in such a way as to maximize its battery regeneration when tooling around towns slowly (we battery operated humans can get fixated like that) I had no discernible negative health issues that presented themselves on the drive out.  

...the wireless key thing is kind of troubling though: it would unlock the rear driver side door from inside my pants pocket whenever we came back to the car.  Think about it, future humans, both battery operated and fully organically operating ones, may one day, not possess a skill set that includes the mechanical ability to unlock a lock, with a simple old fashioned key.