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Jerome M. Recipient


I have an ICD as well as my LVAD. Can the two affect each other. I had three alarms on my control unit but I felt like I do before getting a shock. I am interested in knowing if anyone else is having this outcome ?

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Larry B.

I was zapped 3 times while still in the hospital recovering. They finally called the Medtronic rep in to shut part of my ICD off. The LVAD and the ICD do not play well together. It’s a known issue. Since my day of surgery a little over two years ago I’ve been zapped 11 times. Never prior to surgery. Only two of those were real problems that I’m thankful it actually worked. I was in a Vtac storm and had to be medvac’d to my hosp and spend another 10 days where they eventually did a cardiac ablation. I don’t blame the vad for the ablation at all. When you’ve gotta bad ticker the vad is not necessarily a cure all.

But, back to the shocks. I believe all of mine were an imbalance with my potassium and lasix levels. They weren’t giving me enough potassium considering how much lasix they had me on and when that happens, you’re going to get shocked. I’ve been shock free for 18 months now!