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Arlen S. Prospective Patient

Preparing for LVAD Surgery

I am 48yo male and have completed all the evaluation processes for LVAD and transplant.  I am scheduled to have the LVAD surgery in January as a bridge to transplant and I am trying to get me head around the whole process and what will be coming next.  I have been reading posts on the site and have found some good information.  Thank you!

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Frank I.

I have had an LVAD for a year.  The way it worked out, I had a couple of weeks in hospital to prepare for surgery.  

Here are my recommendations:

1.  Walk right now as much as you can tolerate.  Walking post operation, at first, will be your main form of exercise.

2.  Learn to roll out of bed without pushing up with your arms.  Thus, by avoiding putting stress on the sternum area, you will avoid putting stress on the incision the surgeon had to make.  I met with occupational therapists to learn the technique.  Then I practiced the roll  as much as possible.

3.  Eat lots of protein.