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Arlen S. Prospective Patient

Supplies needed for LVAD

I am preparing for my LVAD surgery next month.  Other than clothing, what types of supplies will I likely need to purchase for myself (not covered by insurance)?  Are there additional products that people have made your life with a VAD easier that were not mentioned by your medical team?

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At first I bought a better bag to carry my controller and batteries.  Then I bought an Orvis fishing vest (which I still use when flying), then I found the LVAD shirts on Etsy made by Frances Tubiola.  Much more comfortable.  If you're in a cooler weather climate Patty ? has a pattern for an under the shirt sort of vest that's even better.  Good Luck.  my LVAD gave me a life again.

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Larry B.

Everything except clothing is pretty much provided by your team. But, Clothing is a major consideration if you are to feel comfortable and reman functional. Keeping battery cables and your driveline from getting accidentally pulled on is very important.

ive tried some of the expensive LVAD shirts and for someone my size, 165 lbs, they make me look like the Hulk! I love the cargo pants/shorts. A battery in ea pocket and controller in cargo pocket. Only leaves about 6 inches of wires to possibly get caught on anything. The multi pocket travel vest on amazon run about $25-35 and most have plenty of inside pockets for everything.

Don’t spend more than you absolutely have to until you get healed up and can see exactly what you will need for your lifestyle.

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mike d.

hello stranger my name is mike davenport in elgin il. i happen to be 1 of the luckey ones to have ins to cover the wet kit dressing. if you go ala cart with the dressing it get pricy and hard to find the stuff. first you need rubber gloves to thke off and put on the dressing in that sterel envyrnment. 2 a drive line dressing.3 gauze pads to protect the dressing, and last but last least a tageaderm film to cover it all mo lest i forget some sergical tape to seal the alvad dressing water tight. and some plastic bowels for the wash water,sergical sanitizer soap for cleaning. now to find this i go to alere  dressing 866 683 7331.  good luck with this one . mike. p.s. wile you are at it get to see if your ins co covers this maintiance of your alvad. do not be supprised to get 50 steral gloves at 4.00 a glove, doctor mask in a box of 25, streal water four 3/4 bucks a bottle. and please do not fall off your chair when you suffer sticker shock.

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LVADshirt ..

You can consider <a href=""></a>. It's great for Heartmate.

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Ronnie H.

I bought a bosco vest from and it is made to fit you and made to fit the lvad that you get.  It has made everything easier for me.


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Mariza M.

Hi, I ‘ve been using the Heartmate 2 for about 3 1/2 year. Almost along all this time I have to change my dressing every day or even twice a day in very hot days, duo to a kind of serosal secretion. The secretion is quite clear, lightly yellowich, but with no signal of infection, but the gauze and Primapore become wet. I’ve already discussed with my LVAD team about this problem, but we are not able to have a clear explanation of what could be associate with that. I’ve already took antiinflamatory pills to reduce the secretion but, as it was not working properly, my physician decided to stop. I am always worried with that, as it’s time consuming, expensive and increases the risk of infection. Does someone have the same problem so we could exchange fears and experiences? 


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Bill N.

   Him name is Bill. I have an LVAD for 3 yrs. now and all the supplies you will need are from the Abbott Co. Everything that I get is from Abbott; it is covered by insurance. Don't worry about that,you will need your strength for the road to recovery and take your time and listen carefully at what they tell you. I will pray that you will be fine. Peace be with you.

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Spencer L.

Just received a transplant and have the above along with some misc supplies (holster set, new shower bag, anchors, drive-line covers, etc.)  Some of it is very heavy.  I would let it go for cheap - make offer, could be for local pick-up but with the postage it could be high and I would have to get an estimate if someone is interested enough.  The batteries are dated 10/17 when I received the Heartmate 3.   Let me know, thanks.