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My Journey to an Lvad

My journey began in December 2015.  I had to have a pacemaker implanted. I thought that had solved my heart problem. Not until I arrived in GA did I eventually learn that I had chronic heart failure. I was sent to a Heart Failure Clinic in Atlanta. My cardiologist suggested that I get on the heart transplant list. In order to do this I had to go through many tests. I was ready to give up but one of my doctors said that to get my miracle I needed to do something just like all of the people in the Bible who experienced miracles. I had a whole new attitude. May 2017 I was going to the ER more and more frequently. The paramedics had come to our home so many times, they knew me when they saw me out and about. Finally, I decided to enter the hospital to wait for a heart. On August 22, 2017, I entered the hospital to wait. Had I been there without two other men who were waiting for hearts I would have gone nuts. We had to stay on one section of the third floor and could only walk back and forth on one hallway dragging our medicine poles. What a sight the 3 of us were. lol

Beginning in November 2017, my heart began to deteriorate. So, after much prayer and talking with my family, I decided to have an LVAD implanted. I realized that I wanted to live to see my grandsons grow up. On November 6, 2017, I had the surgery. On November 20th, almost exactly 3 months to the day i went in the hospital, I went home. It took some getting used to but, because the awesome support of my family, I have been able to make tremendous progress. Rather than feeling sorry for myself, I'm trying to get back to the things I used to do.

My main concern after coming home was, what am I going to wear and how would I look with all of this equipment on me. I did not want to wear vests and look like I was going fishing. I wanted to still be feminine. My sisters bought me xxl tops which were fine at first. I would wear my Lvad shirts from under the tops. They looked fine but I was still not satisfied. I went to a friend, who made me some beautiful tops which make me look and feel feminine. She has a website, or you can find her on Facebook at Elena's Handcrafted Designs. Check it out ladies. It does make a difference.

To anyone who is considering an Lvad, it is an adjustment but I am thankful that I am still here to live the life the Lord has planned for me.

June Butler