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 Hi. I am new here. I received my Lvad on December 29, 2017 after 20 years with congestive heart failure. In early 2016 my heart started getting extremely worse. in 7 months I was hospitalised 8 times. After 5 days the drs said i was ready to go home. I have had no problems so far. My question is about riding in a boat. Do any of you do that. My husband and I enjoy fishing and just riding in a boat. I am kinda scared about getting in one. I am 57 .

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Frank I.

Falling in the water could be fatal.  Other than than that if you can keep your torso dry, and thus avoid getting the wound site wet or even damp, I would think you will be alright.

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Paul B.

I have a bass boat and have been bass fishing with it for the past two years.Every move must be planed. When I catch a fish I don't lean over the side to grab him by the mouth from the platform I sit in one of the chairs so that i'm below the gunnel that way I don't have to worry about losing my balance and falling into the water. We are catching some 7 & 8 pounders at times. I have a but seat that gives me support while run the trolling motor. At first I was overly cautious but now but now run at 50 to 60 MPH. We constantly look for float logs. My plan if we were to be taking on water would be to full throttle to the closet land and crash the shore line and dial 911 for assistance. I'm fishing in Florida and the lake is 5,100 acres but is does have small pieces of land about. The only other problem is that once on land I would have to deal with snakes and very large alligators. I have only been out once this year because of the weather and flu but I'm start to reevaluate wether  I should continue fishing or call it a day. It's a bit risky where and how I fish. Good luck and use common sense and u should do fine