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Hi my ex husband is having an LVAD this wk.  He has asked me to be a caregiver.  I have researched much information, however I have not been able to find out much about what role caregiver takes.  If anyone could tell me what to expect I would greatly appreciate it and any advice.  Thank-you 

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Ann G.

Depends on how he is after surgery.  My husband was in hospital for almost 5 months

needed lots of help, still does due to suffering a stroke during surgery.

Almost like having a baby to care for!

Good luck!

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Albert B.

Depending on what they need for support you probably have to do a lot for them at first 

they will have to build there strength up continue to exercise  let them try to do thing first  then step in if they can’t do it 

we were told for every day in bed takes 3 days of physical therapy to recover 

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june B.

Hi Echo S!

I have been the caregiver for my sister who has an LVAD for a year and a half. I am glad that I have been there for her but it is an awesome responsibility. If classes are offered, make sure that you attend. Even though I went, I still don't think that I was fully prepared for what was to come.

When my sister first came home, she was walking slowly with a walker but she was in constant pain. It was hard for me to see her like that but I prayed constantly for the strength to get us through. I fixed her food which she sometimes ate and sometimes would not eat. Don't get discouraged, just try to keep your loved one hydrated. I was responsible for making sure she took her medicine on time throughout the day. Number each medicine bottle and make a chart with which medicine to take and when. That makes it so easy to keep track. When she first got home, I slept right in the room beside her. When she was feeling better, I got a baby monitor and moved upstairs to my bedroom. I could still keep an ear out for her. 

My main suggestion is to just be patient. Your loved one has been through major surgery and it will take awhile for her/him to heal. Now my sister is pretty much on her own. She comes and goes as she pleases and enjoys her independence once again. However, I am still there to love, help and support her.

My sister was and still is an awesome caregiver!

Best of luck on your journey.


June B.