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Jennis H. Recipient

Heart mate II Equipment for sale.

  I have Heartmate II equipment for sale. It is in STELLAR condition, recently tune up my my LVAD team, cleaned, new power cord added, new batteries given to me, new battery tops..... everything! I also have a gently used LVAD bag. It's like new!  And I had driveline site care supplies and LOADS of Hibiclense for cleaning the driveline site. I had my LVAD removed and Jesus took my heart from less than 10% to now 45%. So, I would like to put something back into my savings that this journey has deleted with all the medical bills and help someone, too. My # is 419-243-3889 and I am in Phoenix,Arizona. You can also email me at  Thank you!

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Janice L.

Hi I'm looking to purchase a shower bag.  Please reach out to me if you still have for sale

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Priscilla H.

I have a bag that you can have for free, you just need to pay for shipping. Let me know.

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I'm looking for a battery charger/batteries and a base station.  Do you still have them and what price are you asking?  I am in Naples, FL but in May will be going up to Virginia. 

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Garicke R.

Need to be careful selling your equipment. It has always been my understanding that the equipment has to go back to the team. Batteries are not the best to sell since they have a shelf live. Would hate to see you sell them and then get billed from your team.