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   Hi, am I able to  ride a bike?, where live  now  I can  ride one around and  not  worry  getting  hurt  or hit by a car. Thank you for your time and Peace be with you  all. 

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wayne r.

I am quite able to go out cycilng and have managed just over 50 miles in 1 day but I am using an ebike.

I tried to use my old normal bike but could only manage about a couple of miles before I was worn out.

Hope this helps.(UK)


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Bill N.

          Hi Wayne,  I don't know what  a ebike is?,could  you  tell  me?. I  thank you and  Peace be with you. 

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Juanita P.

I think that is absolutely Awesome that you are able to do that...Keep it up.  I too go to the gym and work out as usual, pretty much pre-LVAD.  

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My doctors said that if I can ride away from auto traffic on surfaces where I'm not likely to tumble, then wear a helmet and to to it if it's important to you.  The big issue is the blood thinners and a head injury can cause serious damage.

ps to a commenter:  an ebike is an electric assist bike.  they are very big in Europe. 


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Bill N.


Hi Richard,  I didn't  think about that, I  guess bicycling is out.  I  guess I  will walk every day to  stay healthy and besides, I  can't afford  an ebike; Oh well  that's  okay because I am  planning to do  a lot of fishing when the weather starts to stabilize. I  really appreciate the advice. You take care and Peace be with you. 

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Larrie T.

Hi Bill,

I have had great success cycling and completed a 35 mile ride six months after LVAD implant.  By 8 months after implant, I was riding single track on a mountain bike.  This is all using the people powered bikes I had before, not an ebike.  As mentioned, the main thing is to be cautious regarding the anti-coagulants.  Protect your noggin with a helmet and don't ride trails that create risk of bad falls.  While I still mountain bike on single track, there are a few trails I used to ride that are no longer worth the risk given the potential of greater consequences.  We documented my first long bike ride and my return to the mountain bike trails on video.  You can watch them here:

First long ride after implant:

LVAD Mountain Biking:

I found that I continued to continue to get stronger for at least a year after implant.  Don't worry too much if the first few months are like running uphill breathing through a straw.  Stay active, and your ability and stamina on the bike will only continue to improve!

Good luck!



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Bill N.

    Hi Larrie,  I've  read the replies but I think that I have  decided to  play it  safe and I  think  I will  pass on bicycling ; I think I  will  stick to  walking ; I  do thank you  though for your thoughts and I do  thank you for being so  productive on your  ventures.  I  thank you  again and  Peace be with you.