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Our LVAD experience

My husband had his LVAD placed on February 11, 2019. Right now we should be experiencing a lot of then things you all are posting about. What to wear, what can he do, what has it been like etc. We had plans. Unfortunately for me,  God had other plans. My beloved died on February 13, 2019. See he suffered a major stroke and would never had returned to the man I knew and loved. I wish you all the best and please be grateful for all the good and bad that comes with your LVAD. Love each other deeply and praise the Lord through everything. I am working on that!  

May God Bless you richly! 

Georgina Rivera 

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june B.

Dear Georgina R.

I am so sorry to learn of the passing of your dear loved one. I will keep you in my prayers. May God give you the strength you need to make it through your period of bereavement.

God bless you

June B. 






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Yolanda M.

 Tactical gear shirt works good.

My son (33) Wears these it’s a police shirt to hold the batteries 

and I sew a pocket in front to hold the machine.


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Douglas R.


Thank you for sharing with us and encouraging us to love each other and thank God for each day.  You are on my prayer list and  I am asking God to strengthen you, guide you and hold you close.  And, I am thanking God for you with your words of wisdom.  

With love and prayers,