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Eugene G. Recipient

Generator for HeartMateIII

I'm new at this forum and have question about generator. I'm planning to use generator when electricity goes down at home and when I going for camping overnight. There are two type of generators : battery and gasoline. Portable Battery Generator will be used at home and gasoline outside the home. I'm using Heartmate III. Any advise which one are better to buy.

Thank you

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Larry B.

Entirely up to you. Whichever you decide to use make sure you use it to only charge your batteries. Don't hook up directly to it. Too many fluctuation in power to be hooked directly to it. I bought a Troy-bilt gasoline generator and it works great. Had an electrician come in and install a transfer switch and now I'm able to run just about anything when our power goes out. Got a pretty large one that has a great rating for clean power so I can run all my gizmos without having to worry about surges.

With the HM3 the necessity to have power all the time isn't as great as with some other models. I get 16-18 hours per use and with 8 batteries that's close to three days worth of supply before I even have to worry about it.

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Larry G.

I use a generator inverter which is clean power no spikes or surges good for cell phones and computers to we have a camp down a logging road with no power  I also use a battery backup with a power inverter powered by solar pannels

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Kevin H.

I use a Honda Inverter/Generator EU2000i. Good clean power probably better than the power company. I have used it with my Heartmate II. You can charge batteries and run your device.