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New LVAD Reciepent

I am 65 and my Heartmate III was implanted on March 11, 2019.  I was discharged from the hospital 8 days after surgery and came home.  I am extremely fortunate to have an excellent caregiver, my wife Carol.  We are making the 3 hour one way drive each week to KU Medical Center for follow up visits and the doctors all tell me that I am recovering exceptionally well.  For the most part I do feel good most days, still have bad ones as well, but I just can't seem to get any energy or strength.  I am walking daily and hoping to start building up some strength soon.  

I am adjusting to wearing the LVAD, but it is still a hassle to get dressed or go anywhere and sleeping is a challenge.  I have a couple of different options for clothing, I purchased a fishing vest from Amazon which works well and also the shoulder bag.  I have been looking on here for other options and have seen several good ideas which I will probably try.

While this has been stressful and hard on me, it has also been stressful on my family, especially my wife who has had to quit her job to stay with me.  Things are getting easier but I can tell she is still stressing and I do worry about her.  Hopefully this will continue to improve for all of us.

The LVAD is a bridge to transplant for me.  I will go active on the transplant list in June, 12 weeks after surgery, and hopefully be able to have the transplant done by the end of this year.

I am looking forward to  becoming involved in this forum and to join the support group on Monday evenings.  I would appreciate any advice that those more experienced with this might be willing to share.