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David B. Prospective Patient

Scheduled surgery

I am 54 years old and really had no noticeable symptoms until recently. I thought I had bronchitis went to hospital and got zpack. It didn't help and went back and they after MRIs , Cathetors etc told me I had major heart failure and would need a lvad and eventually heart transplant. It has really shaken me. The Hospital is well regarded in this field so I guess I trust the diagnosis it's just tough. Of course I read all the info and they act like other than swimming and baths life will be basically back to normal. I also checked out a group on FB and it was pretty negative. How's everyone doing after their procedure?

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Tracey W.

Hello, My husband is only 46 and had an LVAD implanted on May 30th and will need a heart transplant. His surgery went very well. It was overwhelming to us when we found out that this is what the recommendation was, but all of the doctors, nurses and support staff have been so supportive. It is a personal decision, but so far, the process has not been nearly as bad as we feared. Best wishes to you.