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Bill W. Recipient

Battery clips

Does anyone have problems with batt. Clips

I put them in my pocket to do things every once in a while batt. Beeps

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Nadine V.

Hi, our son is wearing the Under Armour shorts and puts batteries and controller in the pockets with normal pants over them. He got frequent small beeps as if connection of battery was not good. Clips have been replaced several times and also controller. These beeps are still happening, but very very few, as to frequently before. Best check with your team. Good luck!
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Bill W.

Was the lvad team able to find anything wrong?with mine they checked a couple of times and couldn't find anything. I have tried to recreate the beeping by moving everything around never could

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Mark H.

i am an active guy. Batteries in cargo pants work great. But I also got beeps. Fixed the problem completely by wedging a pampered chief scraper between the battery and clip. ( taking up all the loosness in the clip.) the scraper is brown in colour, thin, almost square. I slide them in on the battery indicator side of the battery after I put it in the battery clip. I push it down to were the scraper is just past half way into the battery clip. If you have trouble finding the scrapper or figuring it out just reply and I'll help further. But it completely fixed all of the alarm issues.



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Tom M.

I've had the same problem with the clips on the Heartmate 3.  Manufacturer said to clean the contacts on both the clips & batteries with an alcohol wipe. Iseems to thelp but still sometimes chirps.

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Mark H.

Not only were they cleaned, the clips, batteries, charger, and controller were all replaced. And didn't fix the problem. But the silly little pampered chief scrapers did.