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Krysti B. Recipient


I just received my LVAD on 6-24–19. I am now allowed to shower. I was just wondering what you cover driveline dressing with?

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Lisa J.

I don’t use any cover.  Just the tagaderm from my bandage.  Typically stays pretty dry. I have had my lvad 9 months and have not had an issue. 

This is not lvad team approved but I use a IV pole to hang my bag while in the shower. We have a walk-in so it is rolls on in with me. I can’t shower with that bag across my body.  Found a cheap pole for $20 on line.  

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Larry B.

You don’t need to cover the driveline but you should cover the wound. I use two tegaderm. One 6x8 slightly overlapped by an 4x4. I use the additional 4x4 to make sure the foley doesn’t get wet. I hate having that changed so the less the better. Glad to see you have a progressive team. There are people out there whose teams never let them shower again! I was cleared to shower on discharge from hospital which was 10 days after implant. Although, I did wait about a week just to get my legs under me again. Been almost 3 hrs now with no problems. Be as active as you can. I play golf a. Outlet of times a week and do all the yard work and honey do’s I did before surgery.

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Julia K.

Hello.  My husband has had his LVAD for 5 years and loves the Shower Shield covers.  You can get them from your LVAD care kit supplier and Amazon.  We use the 7 x 7 size.

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Penny S.

Tegaderm  is great.  We use the 1629 size film.   Just be sure to shave the hair on the belly on the outer perimeter of the bandage.  DO NOT SHAVE AROUND THE DRIVELINE AREA.  THAT WILL CREATE A RISK OF INGROWN HAIRS AND INFECTION.  Also wash belly area with dial soap to help with bacteria control.  We have used this method on my husband for 2 years and he has not had any problem.  Follow instructions to the letter in dressing changes and if by chance the dressing becomes wet when showering, change dressing immediately.  When I say wash belly area with dial soap I mean the area outside of the Tegaderm area.

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Debra K.

I used to use press n seal & tape.

I found waterproof bandages 3X4 stick on wound with driveline out the bottom. Works for me.

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Mark H.

I had my LVAD for just more than a year. I used two layers of Press N Seal and tape. Outer one about an inch bigger than the first layer. One layer would sometimes soak or leak through. Never had any problem with an infection or even getting bandage wet.