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Sophie F. Friend

Staying Active with an LVAD

Hi Everyone, 

I am new to this community but was wondering if anyone had tips about how to stay active while having an LVAD.  I am currently looking for helpful advice on how to live a healthy and active lifestyle while managing an LVAD. Thanks!

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Larry B.

No reason not to stay as active as you want. As long as it doesn’t endanger your driveline, enjoy. I do everything I did before implant except swim. Everything else is open game.

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Julia K.

Hello.  My husband received his LVAD unit 5 years ago.  He was a runner so he wasn't happy with a sedate lifestyle.  He purchased an Apple Watch, downloaded all the workout trackers, and began walking several times a day.  His doctor loved the idea.  He averages 7,000 steps a day and is working on his 8,000 goal.  That's over 3 miles a day.  

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Mark H.

Again would love to help design new stuff. I had my LVAD for just more than a year. (Had a heart transplant last April first.) I am a Mercedes Benz technician by trade. Found it to be too risky and cumbersome to work on cars while having an LVAD. To many sharp edges and moving parts that could catch and or damage a cord. Not to mention risk of spraying / leaking fluids that could short out equipment . Please email me for some ideas