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John S. Prospective Patient


Has anyone figured out a comfortable way to get back behind the wheel? There has to be a better way than wearing the batteries on your hips. And how do I change from prospective patient to recipient?

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Larry B.

I just wear my batteries in the front pockets of my cargo shorts/pants and put the controller in the cargo pocket. Works flawlessly.

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Stan C.

I prefer to wear what I know as a "fanny bag" or small bag with a strap that goes around the waist.  It is easy to move around as needed and takes the weight off your shoulders.  Most the time though I use my standard shoulder bag as I have very small hips and don't feel secure with the fanny bag.  When driving I always move them in front of me on my lap so the waist portion of the seat belt goes around it also.

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I buy shirts on ETSY from Fran Tubiolo ($75.00).  She moved the battery pockets up high just under my armpits at my request.  I have tried I don't know how many vests and other shirts, but this is far and away the best.  the belt and harness they gave me at the hospital were awful.

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Patti K.

My husband bought from Amazon 6 pocket football pants without the pads. He wears them inside out and the batteries go into the front pockets on each thigh and the controller goes into pocket on his left hip. Works great.