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Bryan L. Recipient


We seem to have issues with the anchors staying attached to the skin. Yes we clean with alcohol, let it dry, apply the skin barrier, let that dry and it still comes off. We have also tried with it with out the skin barrier after cleaning the skin with alcohol, and they still come off.   

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Bob S.

First we place strips of Transpore tape on the skin and then place the anchor on top of the Transpore tape...another effective product is Band-Aid Hydro Seal (extra large)...we place two bandages side by side with a little overlap and then place the anchor on top....both of these methods are very effective for us....usually lasts 8 days...we do a dressing change every 4 days.

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Sharon K.

We asked for additional 10cm x 15cm hydrofoil patches and put one on the anchor as well.  We also use some paper tape to keep the ends from coming up.