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A Great LVAD Adventure!


My name is Bob Schilling and I am the husband and caregiver for my wife A. Sue Schilling  and …..


Just wanted to pass this outstanding "Great Adventure" along. This past week....Sue Schilling...Heartmate 3 LVAD recipient at Penn Presbyterian in October 2017 and recently selected to be an Abbott Ambassador for the LVAD Community was able to climb the Absecon Lighthouse in Atlantic City on July 9th. The Absecon Lighthouse is New Jersey's tallest lighthouse and the third tallest lighthouse in the United States.  Sue was struggling with genetic congestive heart failure...non compaction cardiomyopathy for years. Back in 2017....the heart failure became life threatening and the cardiac team at Penn Presbyterian decided on a Heartmate 3 LVAD as a destination. Thanks be to God for miracles available to people today! Sue will be able to enjoy the rest of  her LIFE!  Here is a picture of Sue at the top of the lighthouse with her grandchildren Meryl and Maeve!