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Alana L. Friend has some pretty nice options for Men and Women has some pretty nice options for men and women on their website and I've heard their clothing is comfortable. I checked their facebook page and see some positive reviews from their customers as well. They also offer accessories like shoulder bags, backpacks and sleeping belts too.

Ladies Quilted Vest

Men's Leather LVAD Vest

HeartMate LVAD ShirtLVAD VestLVAD Messenger Bag


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Larry N.

I have the leather vest and sleep belt, and am delighted with both! I tried the tactical shirts, but they are not comfortable for me. I’m small, and so is my vest size. 5’5”, 130 pounds. I’ve had my LVAD since 12/4/19, and am grateful to have it. It took several months to get the meds adjusted and me stable. Persevere!  And thank your LVAD Team, including your caregivers! I’ve found that everyone is different, so you need to experiment to discover what works for you. I can tell you that Brent at is a joy to work with. 

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I just checked out their website and it looks interesting, but the best shirt I have found is available on from Fran Tubiola.  She worked with me to make adjustments to my shirts because I have a shorter trunk than her 80 year old husband.  And they're cheaper than the shirts on

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Larry B.

Looking for clothing options can end up being an expensive past time if not careful. The absolute best clothing I have found is also the simplest. My cargo shorts and cargo pants for the fall/winter. Works perfect. A battery in each shorts pocket and the controller in the cargo pocket. I tie the cords together with a Velcro tie and secure to a belt loop on the shorts. Pull my shirt down and I’ve probably got four inches of cords exposed! Minimal amount that has never caught on anything in the 3 yrs I’ve had my HM3.

Amazon has many great options. I get very good vests for about $25 that work just fine. Bought my cargo shorts from COSTCO for $12 a pr and my cargo pants from Kohl’s for about $24 pr.

ive had just about every clothing out there while most of it will work, in most cases it’s not very comfortable or just plain makes you look like the Hulk when you put it on. I was using the 6pad football girdle to play golf but I realized my cargo shorts would work just as well and are much more comfortable. I keep the girdle for when I want to wear my dress clothes without having to worry about doing any adjustments to them like cutting or sewing.

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Barb G.

Hi,  My husband is a new Lvad wearer and is looking for comfortable clothing.  Would you be able to share more information about your cargo pants and football girdle?   It sounds like you’ve found some great options.  Thanks.

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Debra K.

That's all fine and great for men. No matter what I still results with weighing on my shoulders, neck and knees. My team has failed to find a orthopedic surgeon who will fix my issues. I'm confined to the house due to not able to carry batteries!