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LVAD Shoulder Bags

Hello, I am Pastor Rucker founder of Walking on Water Outreach Ministries and currently an LVAD patient.  I had problems with the standard shoulder bag that I received from the hospital. I later purchased a bag from another vendor it was ok however I am 6'2'' and I did not want my driveline to show. So I decided to design a shoulder bag that will be comfortable for everyone.   You can purchase this comfortable shoulder bag today. Go to and click on LVAD resources. 

Comfort LVAD Shoulder bag

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Todd J.

I think if you show a picture of the product being actually worn and hiding the line it would be more convincing for the consumer.  The current image doesn't show how the driveline would be hidden. I'm just like you. I don't want my drive line showing either.

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Scott M.

Under Armour football girdle worn inside out. Both thigh pad areas I use for batteries. The hip pad areas I use 1 for the controller works really well. I wear Dickies work shorts on top and it hides everything very well. They are longer. 




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Joseph S.

bought a pair 4 weeks ago and ordered 2 more pair in about 3 days and just ordered 2 more .

i had my Heartware lvad installed for my 66th birthday in 2018 so in 13 months I tried shoulder bags, backpack,

that little fanny pack brick bag.  I’ve have had good luck with the converted conceal carry shirts, so my seamstress wife 

started fabricating battery holsters and a Velcro pouch for controller attached to a $10.00  T-shirt by far my favorite for 

comfort and freedom of movement .    Last spring a fellow lvad holder posted about the girdle shorts but I didn’t try em then.  Now  I use the hip pouches for batteries and attached one of my wife’s custom made controller pouch worked great but was too easy to stress the driveline during certain activities.   So now I carry the batteries on the shorts and the controller on the shirt with the option of carrying the batteries on the shirt also, and who doesn’t like all they can get.

Definately worth a try just make sure the pants have pockets or pouches , NOT integral or integrated pads.  We’re thinking about trying some different types of underwear and adding the battery pouches .   

Good luck please post any suggestions and ideas that others try