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kathy S. Caregiver


My husband got his Lvad in September, 2019.  Everything was going great without any problems until June, 2019. He came down with a slight fever and was not feeling well.  He was still doing his exercises and everyday activities, but sleeping more and a sluggish.  His driveline looked good so we knew it was not a infection with it. Took to our primary care physician and he did bloodwork. Nothing showed up, so we assumed he had a viral infection that would run its course. After a week he was still running a low grade fever and still not feeling well so went back to doctor.. More bloodwork and still no answer. Was advised to go see LVAD team.  Did not go to them first because they are 2 1/2 hours away and he only had a low grade fever. This was on a Friday so on Monday went to see LVAD doctor.  They did bloodwork and his hemoglobin was high. It had shot up in three days. He had a bacteria infection and had to see a infectious disease doctor to determine what a caused it. It came down to a small mouth sore he had gotten on his gum. The sore never bothered him, but somehow bacteria had entered his body through it.  They did a culture and started him on antibiotics.  He was in the hospital for awhile and released with a PICC line.  I was trained how to administer antibiotics through the line. This went on for six more weeks. We also had to have a home health care nurse to come by weekly to change the PICC line dressing.  I am posting this to make everyone aware that even with a low grade fever you need to immediately go straight to your LVAD doctor.  I never suspected that bacteria from a cold sore.  We caught it in time, so there was not any complications with the LVAD pump.  

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Gabriele B.

Thank you, as I am a new caregiver, this is valuable info.

Hope all will be alright again


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Rickey E.

I had my Heartmate 3 implanted on June 26, 2019. It has taken me w months to be able to be mobile and feel better. I started a support group on facebook lvadandyou then built a website and a youtube channel lvad and you. My suggestion is that you get involved in groyps which eill helo you with this. 

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Hind A.

I have the same story with my father 

they admitted him many time because of the same complain 

and till date he is in the hospital taking 2 types of antibiotics 

while the vad is doing perfect 

hope both of them get well soon