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Cathie W. Caregiver

INR at Home

Does anyone test their INR at home?  Was it worth the investment?  Were you able to get insurance to pick up any of the cost of the device?

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Ruth r.

My husband checks his INR at home. Phones in results and will advise if need to change warfarin. He doesn't pay fortunately as we live in Scotland and all our health care is free which includes all the equipment, dressings etc.
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Bob B.

Hello - I test at home and send my test results online.  After so many years doing this I end up just telling the VAD clinic what changes will be made.

Medicare and previously Blue Cross Blue Shield paid for the rental device and testing service.

It's so much better testing weekly at home and not needing to go to the anti-coagulation clinic for testing.

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Terry R.

I’ve been reading my INR at home for over a year.  The cost and meter are furnished with with Medicare. I’m a Mayo patient since 2012. I hope this helps. Terry 

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Reiss T.

Yes. I have been home testing for several years. Because of Medicare and my medicare supplement plan it is at no cost to me.  It is alot easier than going to a local lab every week. 

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Pam J.

My husband tests at home and calls in his results as well. The costs are covered because we live in the United States and Medicare (which is made up from a portion of our salaries during our working years returned to us) covers the costs. Nothing is ever “free” 

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Deborah C.

Yes, we tested my husband's INR weekly at home. Contact Alere they will provide the equipment and strips, our insurance paid for everything, we had no out of pocket costs. You report the results to Alere and they send them to your doctor for you. Very good service, doctors office would call if a change in dosage was needed. Much easier than going to the lab weekly.  When my husband passed I just needed to return the equipment. 

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Juanita P.

In response to the home monitoring. OH YES IT IS WELL WORTH IT.  Not only easier, but they are not sucking all that blood from you and ruining your veins over and over again.  I was with a hospital out of PA that would constantly take blood, constantly.  I would cry in pain...CBC's, Inr...4/5 vials.  Im no longer with them.  AMEN!!!! I said bye.  Oh by the way that hospital was Temple, horrible.  I had other Dr's questioning why so much BLOOD?? Patient beware!! 

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Connie W.

I do my INR at home. It's so much easier than going in all the time. My insurance covered mine.  Good luck

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Cathie W.

thanks everyone.  seems like everyone is for it and should be covered by our insurance.  gonna get on that right away!

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Garicke R.

I did it for a while. Our medical suppler changed its formulary and we had a large error that they deemed okay but my team did not. It would give a up to a .5 error. Hospital tests way more accurate.
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Larry B.

Been doing it for three years now. No problems. My Vad team arranged for it through Alere. I have never noticed more than a .1 difference from my home testing and hospital testing when I go for clinic.