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Erin C. Caregiver


My husband was fitted with a BIVAD (2 Heartmate III) on 10/28/19 and we have had a cruise to the southern Caribbean planned for July of next year since September. We are trying to decide if we should cancel this trip or not. Has anyone cruised to the Caribbean with a VAD if so please share how you made sure it was a safe successful trip or where are some of your favorite VAD friendly places to travel.



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Mike and Kathy N.

I’m sorry I can’t answer your question but I was told if they put in a bivad my husband would have to stay in the hospital as long as he has it. Where did your husband get his?

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Bruce G.

I have had a HM3 LVAD for 18 months and have traveled a lot.

I have a friend with a HM2 and he just got back from a Caribbean cruise.  Make sure you buy medical travel insurance in case of an emergency.   That will cover med-flights and emergency care.

Enjoy your trip!!

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Cindy R.

Hello, I have gone on a cruise with an LVAD, I would not cancel the trip. The insurance is the best, but you may need authorization from the cruise ship doctor. No matter how well he is feeling at the time of the cruise, list him as needing a wheel chair because the lines can be unbelievably long and tiring, and you will have enough equipment to carry. Enjoy your cruise as we did! :)
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Sue F.

There's a tab and a app to download on this site that lists hospitals around the world that have LVAD centers.  Check it out works great. 

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Mike S.

I have found through rough experiences that most hospitals won't admit VAD patients. I had one put me in an ambulance and transport me to a VAD hospital many miles away.  And I was admitted with a bad cold--nothing to do with my VAD. I'd find out where the nearest VAD hospital is and how you would get to it.  Ask your VAD team. The cruise sounds lovely; enjoy it.

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Gene C.

If he is on blood thinners and has frequent INR checks, the cruise ship medical function need to be able to do it, also.Take along plenty of anti-viral liquids or wipes, and use them constantly.