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    Hi everybody, I got this email this morning and I read there's  a new device  that is implanted including the batteries. I don't think I want to go through the surgery again,but I would like to find out if the batteries will be replaced with the ones that I have and are lighter than the ones I have; and if they are compatible. You all take care and Peace be with you all. 

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Todd J.

Could you be a little more vague. LOL! Where can the rest of us find this information? Did the email come from your provider or from a  medical journal? I'm truly interested.

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Ruth r.
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Marsha M.


My husband and I are considering spending a month or so in the Ft Myers area of Florida.  For peace of mind, I'd like to know of a hospital and cardiology group I can contact in case of any type of emergency that could come up with my husband's Heartware LVAD.  I would appreciate any information of of you might have, and thank you!!

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Karen L.

You should inform your LVAD Coordintor about your travel plans and have them make contact with LVAD hospital. They will share information about your husband and give you a contact person at nearest LVAD hospital. 

My husband had LVAD surgery at Tampa General in 2017. Fabulous group of highly trained specialists and Coordinators. 

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Mercedes S.

I would intrested.  Please let me know about it.  Mercedes Samson. 

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Douglas R.

I had an appointment with my cardiologist in December 2020, he told me that new lighter batteries may be available after the 2nd quarter 2021.  I have the HM III.  I have not been able to verify this independently, however he certainly seemed to be in the know.  Let’s hope so.