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Mike M. Recipient

Sporting Events

How do you handle sporting events with a metal detector?  I wouldn’t expect the attendants to know anything about LVADs or to be amenable to a letter about LVADs.  Thoughts or experiences?

Many thanks.

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Garicke R.

it is really no big deal. No letter needed. Normally is just a hand wand and you show your equipment and all good. I have done college and pro sporting events and no issue.
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Bruce G.

Easier than TSA!

Just tell them you have a heart pump and need special screening.  Have always been treated very kindly and respectfully.  Enjoy!!

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Donna B.

Has been a piece of cake for me.  Just tell them you have a medical device and they very graciously let you through.

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Meghan C.

As everyone else said, just let them know about the lvad and people are usually good about it. We go to the Raven's games alot and they even have a medical assistant entrance you can go through and i know the Eagles have it as well! It doesn't hurt to look at the arena you plan on attending to see if they have a special entrance as well!