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Individual ideas and wishes for a dignified end of life - Searching for LVAD patients for a survey!

Hello everybody!

I am a student at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Hanover in Germany. In the context of my Bachelor thesis I developed a questionnaire. For this purpose I am looking for patients with an artificial heart (LVAD) who will participate in my short survey. The survey is conducted online and anonymously through the following link:

About the survey:

All of us have ideas and perceptions about health and illness and about the right care that is necessary to get well again. Knowing and understanding these ideas and notions is important and decisive in order to be able to provide adequate and good care for the patients in a hospital. That is why we are interested to know what you see, what you believe and what you wish for.

Although people die in hospitals every day, our hospitals are often not equipped to deal with this, and the way people die in a hospital does not correspond to their wishes, expectations and needs. Dying is still a taboo subject in our society. However, if it remains a taboo subject in the hospital, little can be changed in the conditions inside the hospital. Only wishes that are mentioned can be fulfilled and considered.

This questionnaire deals with individual ideas and wishes for a dignified end of life. Please help us to find out as much as possible about these wishes so that we can also take as many wishes as possible into consideration when caring for patients in this clinic.

I am grateful for any support!