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LVAD Bra Concepts

Hello Everyone!

I am a product design student at the University of Cincinnati with a friend who has an LVAD. Since witnessing her experience as a young 20 year old living with an LVAD, I have been inspired to do my thesis project on trying to address some of the frustrations and pain points experienced when living with an LVAD.

Based on previous feedback I have recieved, I have created some bra concepts for women that will aim to better accommodate VAD’s while not sacrificing style. I have created a survey in order to get your honest feedback on the concepts and see if there is anything that I can improve within them.

The information you provide in this survey, if you choose to participate, will be keep completely anonymous and will go towards a project aimed at improving the overall experience of LVAD patients everywhere.

This is the survey link if you choose to participate. Feel free to share with other females with an LVAD that you know!

Thank you for considering sharing your experiences! I appreciate it!