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Jodi R. Family Member

Pain at drive line site

My husband has had his Heartmate 3 for almost a year now.  He has days where he gets a stinging pain at the drive line site.  We have not been able to get an explanation for this.

Has anyone else experienced this, know what causes this, or how to eliminate it?

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Ted S.

I only feel stinging sometimes during dressing change. Probably due to cleaning entry area.

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Todd J.

I'm going trough the same as your husband. My wife took a picture of my site and we notice a blister. We're not sure if it's the rubbing of the line or the cleaning agent. I was allergic to chlorohexidine, so now I can only tolerate betadine. Hopefully I'm not getting a reaction from the betadine now. I recommend taking a photo so that you can look a little closer to see if there's any irritation or blistering. Right now the only solution for us is to reposition the driveling off of the irritated area.

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Derrick W.

Hey Todd be careful with that i for the first time had the same pain and i could not figure it out. All the while it was a driveline infection. Went to the infectious disease doctor and it was all cleared up but i remember the pain and the blister all to well


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Todd J.

Derrick, was the blister near the site entrance or further out? Mine was was about an inch from the site entrance. Since we moved the line the blister has went away.  Besides the blistering were you experiencing any other systems pertaining to drive line infections? Also was antibiotics the remedy? I'm lucky, my wife's a nurse. I don't mean to interrogate you. I just want to relay the information you give me to the wife so that we can make a decision on how to proceed.