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More Info on How You Wear Your VAD

Hello Everyone,  

Per my capstone project on making better solution catered towards women who have LVADs, I would love to know more specifically how you hold your LVAD in different articles of clothing! Girdles, vests, shirts, etc. I would love to know how you uniquely wear your LVAD for different occasions: such as socializing, being active, or even being intimate. With this, I would also love to know all your frustrations with these solutions - what about them would you change if you could??

This is my email address if you have specific information or photos you'd like to share: 

Thanks so much and i hope I can help solve these issues!


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Teresa C.

Hi Sophie. I've not been able to find a comfortable clothing solution, mainly because I haven't put much effort into it. I have 2 VAD shirts from Poland and they are OK but 1) too hot, and 2) there's no place to put your controller. So I usually wear mine externally, essentially letting it all hang out for everyone to see. I welcome questions about it and the opportunity to let people know this fabulous technology exists to help those of us with heart failure. I wear the bag that holds everything, with waist & shoulder straps, when it's raining. The shoulder strap drives me crazy & is very uncomfortable. When I'm going to be sitting at my desk for a while I will put the bag behind me & give my back a little stretch and support from it. I usually wear the holster rig with the separate holder for the controller; I put a regular belt on it and wear it around my waist. My team says they've never seen anyone wear theirs this way & they're concerned about my wires getting pulled. The wires are hanging low but I'm very careful with them. 

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Carole N.

Hi Teresa, My husband wears his HM3 like you do with the holder rig and controller on his belt.  He did pick up velcro strips and rolls the cords up and puts the velcro strip on it to keep it tucked away.  Works for him.  Good luck to you.

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Carole N.

Hi, My husband has a HeartMate III.  He bought velcro strips that he wraps around his wires and they don't hang out.  If you are interested let me know and I can get a picture of them for you.  He usually wears his two holsters and his remote holder on his belt.  Certain days he uses his man bag to carry everything.  We are just so thankful for the extra time together due to his LVAD.  Blessings to you.

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Karol S.

I would love to see pictures of the alterations. I've had my LVAD for 4 months and need to get some different options. Thank you so much!

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Michael H.

  Hi I built a harness using the holsters that come with the haetmate vest and a harness from Galco they make the harness detectives wear to hold their gun a belt goes through the holsters and holds the controlder . 

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Sherry B.

My mom has three vests made with pockets. We were given a vest from another lvad patient and took it to a seamstress who was able to complete a pattern. We picked out material for the vests to really personalize them. 

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Debra K.

Hello, hope y'all are safe and well. I'm a 61 yr old disabled women. I've had my lvad since April 1st 2016. I've tried everything to accommodate these heavy ass batteries... I've always gone back to my cross body purse. That's even difficult to lug around. I still haven't been able to find a better, more comfortable way to do this. I'd like to find out more about your mom's creation. God bless you and hope to hear from you.



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Elva P.

Hi Debra,

My mother in law is in the same boat. She is very petite and weighs about 106 and is 5'1. The batteries are heavy for her and she finds it very difficult to move around. I wish there was a solution for having to carry these batteries. 




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Juanita P.

Hi Sherry, I would love to have a vest made that didn't look like a military/men's vest.  Something delicate, attractive, while a nice fit for the device/batteries.  If you know of an email/individual I can contact, and pics, please let me know.  Thank you!!

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Pennell G.


Hi Sophie.  I use a Sportsac  shoulder bag to carry  my HMII.  I color coordinate with my clothing.  I am fortunate to have a friend who will cover the zipper so the  driveline  is protected,  It works for me.