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Sophie F. Friend

Tight Clothing around/near the Driveline Exit Site

Hi Everyone!

I am looking to hear your experience regarding wearing athletic materials like spandex over or near the driveline exit site. Is it bad to cover part of the cord and exit site with tighter fabrics like spandex? Do you prefer more flowy fabrics near the exit site?  



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Ray H.

I wear LVAD shirts for my equipment under my regular shirts.  They are a spandex material and have caused no problems with the driveline site.  After some experience with the VADgear shirts, I bought a couple concealed carry tactical shirts and one of those in one smaller size.  I actually prefer the smaller size spandex with its form-fitting stretch.

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Joanne W.

Concealment shirts ordered his regular size prefers a snug fit. to keep the batteries from moving around . No problems with the entry of the drive line. 

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Joanne W.

If you have ordered a large size concealment shirt and dislike it , I would be interested. we have a heartmate lll  we  need to refresh the (shirts),  but they are pricey. thought I would check here first. please send me a email : Thanks.