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Hi my name is Vikki, I received my LVAD Dec, 16, 2019

with COVID -19 it’s nit possible to get to cardiac rehab

what suggestions do you have for exercising 

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Do not do a rowing machine or exercises that cause you to bend over sharply in the middle

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Steven H.

Have them send the exercises to you. Do the warm up and walk Around block or yard if flat. Even back and forth in house or apt if you have too. The key is to get heart rate up and maintain. I ended up getting a basic treadmill (check classifieds or social media, someone always wanting to sell). 
After walking make sure to do cool down exercises. 
This will pass soon and you will be back at Rehab

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Vikki R.

Thank you, Steven,

i just started walking I go by houses to house to gauge how far I can walk. My recovery has been slow, but I continue to push on. I have some of the exercises’ from the rehab when I was discharged. Also the bag holding my batteries is so heavy I get fatigued very fast, when I walk my daughter holds the battery bag.

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Steven H.

Yes, the bag caused me shoulder and neck pain. There are some different things to try.
Put a pair of shorts on inside out; put a battery in each pocket and the controller in one closest to drive line incision. 
If you know anyone that can get you a football player girdle. Put a battery in each thigh pad and controller where the cup would go. 
I actually got a fly fishing vest; wore it inside out with a battery on either side. 
Getting winded is okay as long as numbers on controller are okay. This means you are pushing your lungs to cooperate with the VAD. 
My friend Jim Murrell has a Facebook podcast called The Transplant Helper. There are great videos on VAD. 
As his motto is Keep On Keeping On!!


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Vickie T.

That happen when I'm not drinking plenty of water. Walking definitely helps. 

Hope you start feeling better soon

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Vikki R.

Thank you, Vickie,

Yes, water does help but I have low flow when I’m hydrated. I have a new symptom dizziness at odd times of the day, my vad team they  think it’s my heart. I get to wear a holter monitor so they can catch an arrhythmia.. so has  my Lvad experience been. I’m not complaining life could be worse Thank you Jesus for the life I do have.

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Vikki R.

Thank you, Richard

Im walking House by house on my block my recovery has been slow. The right side of my heart is not cooperating I get winded and fatigued. But I’m going to continue to push on.

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Vikki R.

Thank you, Maj I’m focusing on what I can do I cook, clean and go up and down stairs 2 times a  day. On nice days my daughter/caregiver walks with me as far as I can go, yes blessing 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾